Skin Care Packaging

At Pratt, one of our projects was to come up with a package design for your own, made-up skincare line so I worked out two different concepts for it. 
Gaea's Gift

 For this concept, I had women from ages 30 - 40 in mind. I imagined this brand to be an organic, natural company which is why I chose Gaea, the Goddess of Earth. Then I created an illustration that alluded to the Ying Yang symbol so that the company could be advertised as a line that would "balance out" your skin naturally. 

Bubbly is a skin care line geared towards young children who are still learning proper hygiene maintenance. To make this process a bit more "fun", I created characters that would join their bath time & turn their routine into 4 different stories. Willy the Whale, Gina the Mermaid, Billy the Octopus, and Lilly the Tortoise. The line consists of a body wash, shampoo, hand soap, and lotion. 
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