Welcome to my portfolio site. 
Grace Jee Hee Kim is a Korean-American New York based Graphic Designer / Aspiring Art Director / Illustrator. She loves perfecting layouts and exploring ways to make everyday things visually pleasing, engaging, and user-friendly. She realized her passion for design when she caught herself rearranging yogurts into a pyramid on a conveyor belt at a grocery store. The simple rearrangement of grocery items put a smile on the cashier's face. Since then, Grace has become a strong believer in the positive effects of good design on the world.
 Her hobbies include exploring new restaurants, Netflix-binging, and playing the piano. Three fun facts about Grace are: She is under 5 ft, She can solve the rubiks cube in under a minute, and she can play any song on the piano by ear (she especially enjoys playing the intro to “You Give Love a Bad Name”). For more information or special requests, you can email her at gjhkim1994@gmail.com or give her a call at (201)-658-0240. (Or maybe you might run into her at a Starbucks grabbing her daily Trenta Cold Brew.)
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